About us

Mission – Your success is our driving force.

ZOLL & COMPANY consist of Oliver Zoll as the main point of contact and some Cooperation-Partners which complement our offering portfolio when appropriate.
Our common aim is to support our clients growth and profitability objectives through target-oriented consulting on innovations.
According to the motto "great events often come from little causes", we achieve measurable and sustainable results for our clients based on many years of extensive experience in operational practice.

How we work

For almost 20 years, we have dealt with innovation in the HR market.
Our expertise in this consulting field is unique.
Clients experience sustainable and proven benefits from our experience and expertise in the design and implementation of new HR services.
Our services include the analysis and the conception as well as the support of the realization and marketing of new services and business models.

Your Benefits

Purchasing consulting services is a bit like buying a "pig in a poke". You have no idea what you are getting, there is no guarantee, and there is no return policy.
It is thus all the more important that you gain an impression of the expertise of a potential consulting partner and discuss your requirements.

We should therefore get in contact. We are happy to explore your requirements and innovation needs with you and will give you honest and instant feedback.
Only if the benefits are significantly higher than the cost of our services, we have achieved our common goal.

Consultant Profile

Oliver Zoll has many years of experience in the management and innovation consulting of IT companies in the HR industry. You find some examples out of many successfully completed projects here under references:


  • • MBA with a focus on economic computer science and marketing from Frankfurt University
  • • 22 years of experience in the software and IT services industry
  • • 19 years of experience in the innovation and marketing of HR software and HR services (ASP, SaaS, cloud & BPO)
  • • extensive operational expertise in sales, marketing, business development and strategic business planning
  • • long-standing member of the management at ADP Inc.
  • • international management and leadership positions
  • • industry focus: human resources (HR) management


  • • industry focus: human resources (HR) management
  • • innovation consulting (strategy, business models, sales, products)
  • • market and sales-driven strategy consulting & situation analysis
  • • increase of efficiency, profitability, revenue and competitiveness
  • • creation and implementation of business plans/business cases
  • • advice on business models (SaaS, cloud, ASP, BPO)
  • • innovations in product and service portfolio
  • • "go-to-market" consulting and implementation
  • • advice on sales processes, methodology, and organisation
  • • interim management (sales & marketing, product marketing, business development and management)
  • • high acceptance through many years of industry experience
  • • empathy and authenticity in communication and cooperation
  • • leadership attitude