Not only People do make the difference

The challenges in sales of software and services are always the same. Thus, it is not surprising that the questions of many IT companies are similar with respect of sales of their products and services in the HR industry:
How can I attract more clients? How can I increase my sales to existing clients? How can I increase my sales opportunities? How can I increase my probability of closing deals?
The answers to these questions, however, are as individual as the companies that ask them. It is the combination of the 4 Ps (people, process, product, pipeline) that make the difference in sales.

In our "sales” field of competence we will support you with consulting services for:

• development and expansion of sales organizations
• analysis and structuring of sales processes
• increasing the accuracy and reliability of the forecast
• analysis, optimization, and implementation of sales methodology
• field coaching of your sales personnel and managers
• lead generation
• optimize the management of sales pipelines
• evaluation and implementation of sales CRM systems
• optimization of the marketing organization
• increase of sales performance and efficiency

As a result of our services, you will receive for example, a more powerful sales organization for your products and services, more successful client acquisition and a number of other useful strategies for optimising your sales processes.


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