Increase the benefits for your clients

Do you often ask yourself how sustainable your traditional business model still is? We are confronted daily with revolutionary changes in the purchasing and information-seeking behaviour of our clients. Established companies and even entire industries quickly disappear from the market or their business model become obsolete.
An analysis of these cases shows that companies are failing to proactively deal with the changes in their market environment and to question and develop their business model.

Check your business model and answer these three questions:

What are the benefits of your services for your clients? (Value Proposition)
How are these benefits generated and provided? (Architecture of the value)
How sustainable are your earnings from the services provided? (Revenue model)

In our "business model” field of competence we will support you with consulting services for:

• translation of market trends in new business models
• evaluation and assessment of alternative business models
• location, analysis, and evaluation of new business models
• development of innovative business idea
• benchmarking the existing business model (benefits, type, profitability)
• creation of SWOT analysis
• implementation of feasibility analysis
• preparation of feasibility studies/ROI

Especially for software manufacturers: evaluating of SaaS, ASP, cloud or BPO models

As a result, you will receive in-depth analysis and business plans for innovative business models including financial and resource planning.


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